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AROMATISK collection

Inspired by traditional Indian arts and crafts – and originally designed for Indian autumn festivities – this celebration homeware collection adds to the party spirit, wherever you are in the world. With patterned fabrics, vibrant serving dishes and lots more, there's something for all your home.

A Diwali full of light, love and laughter

Once again light has triumphed over darkness – a reason to celebrate if ever there was one! And what better way to celebrate than getting together with your loved ones. The AROMATISK collection will help turn your home into a festive haven, bringing a smile to the faces of your guests as fortune smiles upon us all.

Turn this festival of lights into a festival of flavours

It’s no secret. One of our favourite things about Diwali is the food - and it all starts with the sweets. The AROMATISK collection not only makes serving delicious titbits easy but also beautiful. After all, we eat with our eyes too.

Ramp up your rangoli

Attract joy and prosperity with a striking rangoli. AROMATISK tealight holders will help make yours the brightest, most beautiful one on the block.

Add colour and extra comfort with textiles

One of the great things about Diwali is the socialising – catching up, reminiscing, sharing your hopes and dreams. And it’s easy to make the social areas of your home even more social with colourful AROMARTISK cushion covers and throws. Because when people are comfortable, the conversation is sure to flow.

For out-of-town family and friends

Just because the day is over doesn’t mean the hospitality is. AROMATISK bed linen helps you create a sleeping area for your guests that is both inviting and festive. Here, they can happily tumble into bed, bellies bursting and hearts overflowing and wake up feeling fresh ready for a new day’s celebrations.

Dress up your doorway

Naturally, you want your guests to feel welcome. And what better way to create a welcoming first impression than a beautifully decorated entrance? AROMATISK toran will help any doorway look it’s best.

Give the gift of beauty

You’ve gathered your family and friends and soon it will be time for one of the festivities‘ highlights – the giving of gifts. This year, the AROMATISK collection can help make this much-loved tradition even more festive. After all, creating a beautiful atmosphere is also an act of generosity.

Flower power

Flowers enhance the festive vibe and add much-appreciated splashes of colour to your celebrations. The AROMATISK collection gives you several options for creating vibrant floral arrangements including a vase with a lid.