The VARMBLIXT collection

Here comes the light

IKEA has teamed up with award-winning designer Sabine Marcelis on a new collection that explores the emotional possibilities of light at home. With both sculptural lighting products and stylish home accessories that play or interact with light, this eye-catching collection is set to bring warmth and energy into homes around the world.

Designer Sabine Marcelis holds up a piece of orange glassware from the VARMBLIXT collection.
Sabine Marcelis touches a hoop-shaped wall-mounted lamp.


The number of inspiring new products featuring in the VARMBLIXT collection.

Numerous green and orange donut-shaped serving bowls from the VARMBLIXT collection.


From glassware to lighting, circles and rounded lines repeat throughout the collection.

Sabine Marcelis in a workshop, looking through an assortment of sample materials.


Sabine Marcelis scoops the prestigious Wallpaper* Designer of the Year award.


Sabine sees colour as a tool that can evoke very different connotations. A sense of warmth was her goal while picking colours for the VARMBLIXT collection.


Simple forms have always fascinated Sabine, especially doughnuts! For her, they become even more interesting when translucent, allowing light to flow through.


A mix of materials feature in the collection: some opaque, some translucent, some smooth, some textured – each playing with light in delightfully different ways.

“I think it’s important to surround yourself with pieces that bring a sense of positivity and lightness to life, so I hope the VARMBLIXT collection does just that.” – Sabine Marcelis

The joy of light

For Sabine, something as simple as light has the power to transform how we feel within a space. Hear how she worked with the VARMBLIXT collection to celebrate the best of both man-made and natural light sources.

The much-anticipated VARMBLIXT collection has launched in most IKEA markets, but stock may be limited. Should the collection be unavailable in your country, you'll instead be directed to explore more of the latest IKEA products at your local online store.