Tobias Svanberg, Development Leader at IKEA, is inspecting the water tubes and installation of a shower construction.
11 June 2021

Innovating showers to make a difference

Portrait of Tobias Svanberg with rows of pendants in the background.

Home tests to improve the product

A man standing in a bathroom working on installing a new shower.
A man wearing black sweater standing in a bathroom finishing the installation of a shower.

Water gets cleaned and reused

A man in black sweater standing in a bathroom holding a phone while looking up installation to the shower.
A man puts his arm under a shower head to feel the water temperature.
A man looking at technical equipment connected to hoses and pipes, with a white-tiled wall in the background.

Why are water-saving solutions important for IKEA?

Are you seeing an increasing preference for such solutions from IKEA customers?