An icon, updated

So very hot dog-ish!

Since the 1980s we've been serving up tasty hot dogs to hungry shoppers. Now everyone can enjoy our new plant-based hot dog. It's just as tasty as our original icon, but without the meat.

A young woman is eating a plant-based hot dog with mustard and ketchup. She is laughing.
A person wearing a green jumper holds a hot dog in a bun high. The hot dog has ketchup and mustard on it.
A hand with green nail polish holds a plant-based hot dog with ketchup and mustard.
A man in an apron holds a plant-based hot dog up. There is a black tiled wall behind him.

Meet the maker

Vegetables and other ingredients on a green background.

Full of good stuff

A child laughs while holding a plant-based hot dog.

Continuing our commitment

Ready for a bite?