A person sewing colourful yarn onto a basket made of natural fibres.
11 May 2023

MÄVINN brings the local craft market to your home

A woman sitting at a table sketching.
Maria Vinka, freelance designer.
A woman dressed in denim standing next to a wooden table holding a place mat made from natural fibres.
Paulin Machado, in-house designer at IKEA.

Like browsing an old market

A blue denim bag.
The MÄVINN denim bag.
A person putting on a kitchen apron made from denim.
The MÄVINN denim apron.
A person in colourful clothes sitting on a chair braiding natural fibres.

Bringing together material and handcrafting

A person sewing a basket of natural fibres.
A pair of hands sewing a lamp shade made of natural fibres.

Creating a positive impact

Two persons standing in front of home furnishing products made from natural fibres.