A girl unpacking a cardboard box with IKEA products.
23 November 2021

Maja on moving away from plastic packaging

Portrait of a woman with glasses in a white shirt.
Maja Kjellberg, Packaging development leader at IKEA.
The hands of a man and a woman assembling a cardboard packaging.
IKEA is looking into renewable and recycled materials.

Target 2028

Portrait of a woman with glasses in a white shirt.
Maja Kjellberg
Two hands unboxing an IKEA package.
IKEA is trying to find alternative materials or alternative ways of packaging, without using plastic.

Innovating new packaging solutions

A paper packaging along side a plastics packaging.
IKEA has changed the packaging for its light bulb range SOLHETTA and LEDARE. The cartons do not only remove plastics, it's making the package much easier for the customer to open.

Walking the talk

Portrait of a man in a chequered shirt, standing in a workshop environment.
Tommi Väyrynen, Packaging solution engineer at IKEA
A man handing a cardboard box.
Tommi has been working on the IKEA ambition to phase out plastics from consumer packaging for almost two years now.