A person washing hands in a bathroom.
23 August 2022

ÅBÄCKEN nozzle helps save water at home

A portrait of a smiling man in a black T-shirt.
René Marienfeld, Product Design Engineer at IKEA
A tap with a black water nozzle.
The ÅBÄCKEN water nozzle
A plastic part of a water nozzle.
ÅBÄCKEN is the result of a collaboration between IKEA and Altered
A test environment with a tap spraying water.
The nozzle was tested thoroughly during the development

Inspiration from another nozzle

A person washing hands in a bathroom.
Mist mode
A person cleaning a razor under a tap in a bathroom.
Spray mode

Innovative, accessible water saving

A portrait of a woman in a black shirt standing with her arms crossed.
Hanna Carleke, Business Leader for IKEA Bathroom range
A black water nozzle made of plastics.
The small ÅBÄCKEN water nozzle

What is next for IKEA after ÅBÄCKEN?