A person wearing grey gloves putting jeans into a green machine with a piece of denim fabric on top.
08 April 2021

Covering an icon in denim to be more sustainable

A blue dyeing bath inside a machine, with hundreds of fine threads running into it.
Portrait of a man in blue-grey plaid shirt.
Piotr Jakubiak, Deployment Leader at IKEA.
Denim-fabric cuttings being fed into a machine, with thick blue denim dust around the opening.
A man in a blue jacket surrounded by piles of worn-out jeans, with piled-up bundles of more jeans in the background.
Bert van Son, the founder of MUD Jeans.
Steam rising up from a large machine with hundreds of fine blue threads running through it.
Fluffy balls of shredded denim threads on a white surface.
Spools of white thread inside a machine, with the threads running horizontally through it.
Cylindrical containers under a large green machine; blue threads are fed into the machine from each container.
A sofa with a denim cover, with a spool of blue thread, a pair of jeans and balled-up denim cuttings.