Used mattresses going into a machine for recycling.
26 May 2022

On the road to circularity, mattresses matter

A portrait of a woman in a leather jacket.
Caroline McGarvey, Material & Innovation Area Manager at IKEA.

Finding comfortable solutions in discarded mattresses

A pile of old mattresses.
Over 40 million mattresses are discarded every year in the European Union alone.
A liquid poured into a mould to create foam mattresses.
The foam is baked, to form the base for mattresses.
Two hands unwrapping paper from a big block of foam.

Taking steps towards creating a circular mattress

A big foam block coming out from a machine.
The components in polyurethane foam react with each other and form a foam block.
Two hands closing a zipper on a mattress cover.
ÅBYGDA foam mattress.
A portrait of a man in a red checkered shirt standing behind sheets of foam.
Jose Naraval, Material & Technology Engineer at IKEA.