The ÖMSESIDIG collection

Let's get festive

With new IKEA stores opening in Latin American markets like Chile, Colombia and Peru, there's plenty to celebrate. And what better way to do so than with a colourful new collection of 30 products; each embracing the mix of cultures and creativity that make this region unlike any other.

Nine bright minds

The ÖMSESIDIG collection was brought to life together with nine Latin American creatives, each bringing art, fashion, food, design and architecture to the table. Their range of talents have blended together to create a playful mix of products that be can enjoyed both on festive occasions and in everyday life.

“I hope people put their own energy and history onto the products, so that everyone can make them their own and tell their own stories through these pieces." – Trini Guzmán, designer

A pink colour-washed portrait of Catalina Zarhi.

Designer profile Catalina Zarhi

Catalina is a ceramist and designer from Chile, whose work is inspired by the natural landscapes of Northern and Southern Chile. Many of her works explore irregularities and organic lines: elevating the imperfect and evoking the natural elements of nature through the medium of clay. Having studied ceramics in Italy, the United States and her native Chile, her work marries traditional techniques with contemporary forms to create delicate works of art in muted tones.

“My designs are soft consisting of earth colours, simple lines, and clean, organic design.”

A green colour-washed portrait of Liliana Ovalle.

Designer profile Liliana Ovalle

Liliana is a product designer from Mexico, who works with a wide range of materials and processes to explore the expressive aspect of objects. Her designs reflect narratives that often draw on her Mexican background, from referencing situations observed in the urban context to exploring vernacular craft techniques. Ovalle’s work has been widely exhibited in venues such as San Francisco MoMA, Museum of Arts and Design in New York and Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City.

“I like to create objects that can open a space for curiosity.”

A blue colour-washed portrait of Marisol Centeno.

Designer profile Marisol Centeno

A textile designer from Mexico, Marisol is creative director of Estudio Marisol Centeno and founder of Bi Yuu – a rug and textile company founded on values of quality, innovation and social responsibility. Using both industrial and artisanal techniques, her work is characterised by large formats and colourful narratives and a commitment to collaborative and sustainable design. Centeno’s work has been exhibited around the world, from museums in Mexico City to New York.

“I find it fascinating to analyse the narratives behind everyday objects.”

A yellow colour-washed portrait of Agustín Nicolás Rivero.

Designer profile Agustín Nicolás Rivero

Agustín is a designer and creative director of Colombian fashion label, A New Cross. His avant-garde creations combine his Latin American heritage and interest in artisanal crafts with a contemporary minimalistic approach. Always ethically made and produced, Rivero’s unisex designs celebrate diversity and freedom of identity, as well as a combination of rural and community values.

“I combine minimalistic elements with ethnic techniques collected through my travels across the many regions of Colombia.”

A green colour-washed portrait of Abel Cárcamo Segovia.

Designer profile Abel Cárcamo Segovia

Born in Santiago, Chile, Abel designs objects and furniture that unite contemporary trends with traditional craftmanship through collaborations with local craftspeople. In this way, his timeless designs forge a direct link between artisanal practice and modern minimalistic aesthetics. His work has been exhibited at Design Miami, Milan Design Week, and La Maison des Arts Contemporains de Pérouges.

“My inspiration comes from everything I see around me; everyday shapes that make me think of new ways to use them.”

A dark pink colour-washed portrait of Trini Guzmán.

Designer profile Trini Guzmán

Trini Guzmán is a muralist and multi-disciplinary artist from Chile, whose work encompasses painting, textiles, embroidery and digital illustration. Trini’s artwork is easily recognisable due to her use of bold colours and eye-catching patterns inspired by nature. She loves to explore creativity in all its forms and discover its limitless possibilities. Trini has collaborated widely, and her murals can be found everywhere from private interiors to large public spaces.

“My work is inspired by colour, nature, mixtures and curiosity.”

A pink colour-washed portrait of Felipe Assadi.

Designer profile Felipe Assadi

Felipe is an architect and founder of his eponymous architecture studio, based in Santiago, Chile, His buildings, ranging from private residences to hotels and pavilions, are known for their angular designs composed of concrete and glass. His works have been constructed across Latin America and in the United States. Since 2011, he has been the Dean of the School of Architecture at the Universidad Finis Terrae in Santiago.

“My structures are based on weight and gravity. Those aspects belong to the earth, from our geography, our landscape.”

A yellow colour-washed portrait of Diana Ordóñez.

Designer profile Diana Ordóñez

Better known as Ledania, Diana is a Colombian multimedia artist based in Bogotá. Known for her expressive street art, Ledania also works across graphic design, photography, artistic makeup and accessory design. Her vibrant graffiti murals combine the human, natural and mythological worlds with bright geometric patterns. She is widely considered as one of the most prominent artists in the Latin American graffiti scene – her murals can be found in 22 countries including the United States, Spain and Japan.

“My inspiration is pure Latin American expression.”

The ÖMSESIDIG bowl designed by Alvaro Clavijo

Designer profile Álvaro Clavijo

Colombian chef Álvaro began his career as a kitchen hand in Paris, before studying hospitality at the prestigious Hofmann School in Barcelona. This resulted in him being hired to work at several Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Europe, including the world-renowned Noma in Copenhagen. After several years of working abroad, he has since returned to his native Bogotá to run his restaurant, the lively El Chato which foregrounds Colombian ingredients grown by small local producers.

“Creativity for me is where I focus all of my energy, every day of my life.”

The ÖMSESIDIG collection is launching around the world from April 2023, but stock may be limited. Should the collection be unavailable in your country, you'll instead be directed to explore more of the latest IKEA products at your local online store.