Two girls laughing while lying on a red rug with white dots, their heads close together.

Let play come first and the rest will follow

Two boys in an upside-down BJURSTA bench pretending it’s a boat on a wrinkled black/off-white STOCKHOLM rug.
Two children in a playroom with wooden toys and several wardrobes, one is doing a handstand and one is preparing to jump.
A white ANTILOP high chair.
1997 – A Children’s IKEA icon – ANTILOP high chair
A red FAMNIG heart cushion.
1998 – A Children’s IKEA icon – FAMNIG heart cushion

Did you know?

A child in denim overalls is lying on a white sofa with plenty of cushions, looking at the ceiling with one hand up.

On the barricades of play

A boy in a blue shirt and a cape squeezing a lemon with VARDAGEN cooking tweezers over a VARDAGEN glass bowl.
A mother helping a child strain flour in a big container with an IDEALISK stainless steel strainer.
The cover of the IKEA Play 2017 report featuring a father and a child, and the words “A spark of play everyday” on it.

Did you know?

Five drawings of imaginary characters: a bird with a crown, a blue cat, a mermaid dog, an egg, and two slices of bread.

SAGOSKATT – fantastic soft toys with a mission

A child in a room with plenty of crafted projects made of cardboard, drawing a green character on a sheet of paper.
A group of SAGOSKATT soft toys inside a teepee arranged as if they are reading a book with a flashlight.
Five SAGOSKATT soft toys with a background of paper cut-outs of clouds, flowers, sun and hearts.
Hands of a child drawing with MÅLA felt-tipped pens and several sheets of paper with drawings of imaginary creatures.

The Real Play Coalition – a global movement that puts play first

An adult and two children playing in a living room with green tape floor markings and colourful cushions as stepping stones.
A child with a yellow and red outfit, holding up a pair of scissors in each hand.
A child holding a long branch while playing in a playground.

Did you know?