A colourful piece of fabric lying next to a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.
17 April 2023

With the Nytillverkad collection, vintage IKEA designs are back in lively new colours

A man in a black jacket and hat standing by a yellow coat hanger.
Rutger Andersson, designer formerly at IKEA.

Bringing Rutger Andersson’s SMED to Nytillverkad BONDSKÄRET

Two men kneeling over an IKEA flat pack.
"How good-looking!" Rutger says when he sees the tidy plastic-free packaging for BONDSKÄRET. Here he is unpacking the coat hanger with Rickard Jonsson, Product Design Engineer at IKEA.
Two hands holding a purple coat hanger.
The BONDSKÄRET hooks have shed the previous design’s plastic tips and are now made entirely of metal.
A man in a black jacket and a grey scarf assembling a purple coat hanger.
The legs of the coat hanger now lock upon assembly.

The IKEA design icons of the future found in the past

Two pages from an old IKEA catalogue.
The SMED coat hanger was featured in the 1984 IKEA catalogue, then in black and white. Images courtesy of the IKEA Museum.
A woman in a white shirt sitting on a white chair in an office environment.
Karin Gustavsson, Creative Leader at IKEA.
A collection of colourful IKEA vintage products standing in a room.
The first launch of the Nytillverkad collection features furniture, bedding, and accessories in new colours.

Visiting Sven Fristedt, a Swedish master of patterns

A man looking to the right. In front of him is a table with a colourful fabric.
Sven Fristedt, pattern designer, in his home in southern Sweden.
Two pages from an old IKEA catalogue.
Sven Fristedt’s colourful BLADHULT print first appeared in the 1980 IKEA catalogue as a sofa cover for KLIPPAN. Images courtesy of the IKEA Museum.
A man standing in a living room, holding a book in his hands.
In a room, two pillows and a piece of colourful fabric is placed on a chair.
The Nytillverkad KRYPKORNELL and LAGERMISPEL fabrics and cushion covers brought to Sven’s home.
A wall with sketches and clippings from newspapers.
One of Sven's walls filled with memories from his career and more.
A man standing leaning on a desk in a studio environment.