A collage with Eva Lilja Löwenhielm to the left and furniture from the RÅVAROR collection to the right.
12 July 2020

The essentials for small space living

Who would you say RÅVAROR is for?

A RÅVAROR table, storage and box on castors and a tray with a computer and glasses.

Can you describe the design process? Where did you start?

A woman placing a black/wood storage box on castors next to a another woman sitting on a dark-grey sofa.
A group of people examining RÅVAROR prototypes.

What was the most challenging part of designing RÅVAROR?

A wooden sofa with dark-grey cushions, a storage box on castors, a grey striped rug, a dotted blanket and a black trolley.
A disassembled sofa with dark-grey cushions, a wooden storage box, a striped rug and a dotted blanket packed on a trolley.

The products have multi-use functions. Can you give us an example?

RÅVAROR prototypes, two tables and a storage bench in solid wood.

Anything that you are especially happy with, looking at the result?