In a kitchen, a cutting board is filled with lime fruits and small green bowls.
22 March 2023

Stories of celebration for the ÖMSESIDIG collection

A dark-haired woman with glasses sitting in a living room in front of some green plants.
Liliana Ovalle, industrial designer.
A colourful kitchen with a table, a chair, two stools and a garland hanging across the room.
The ÖMSESIDIG collection involves 30 products – including serveware, fabrics, bags and decoration – designed by nine Latin American creatives to interpret and encourage celebration.

Setting the table for IKEA with memories of Mexico

A sketch showing four green bowls with different shapes.
Concept sketches for Liliana Ovalle's small ÖMSESIDIG serving bowls inspired by limes and their important role in the Mexican kitchen.
Two green bowls standing on a work top in front of a bowl of lime fruits and a plate of sliced lime fruits.
The small, lime-inspired ÖMSESIDIG serving bowls.

Finding similarities in celebratory objects across the world

A person sitting on a wooden stool playing guitar.
The ÖMSESIDIG stool designed by Liliana Ovalle references Mexican vernacular craft.

A Chilean tradition brought centre-stage in a celebratory feast

A black haired man in a grey and red checkered jacket standing in a room.
Abel Cárcamo Segovia, furniture and objects designer.
A sketch showing the moves of the Chilean La cueca dance.
Early sketch explorations for Abel Cárcamo Segovia's ÖMSESIDIG serveware inspired by the cueca, Chile's national dance.
A black and white sketch of serve ware.
Abel's ÖMSESIDIG serveware designs inspired by the cueca dance take shape.
A table set with glasses and white serving bowls.
The ÖMSESIDIG off-white serving bowl and spoons, along with the ÖMSESIDIG serving tong, were designed by Abel.