Portrait of Johan Ejdemo seated wearing a white jacket.
17 December 2021

Johan Ejdemo on storytelling and circular design

A man with glasses and a white shirt resting his head on his hand
Johan Ejdemo, part of the first-ever duo of IKEA design managers.
A man with glasses and a white short leaning against a staircase handle.
Johan Ejdemo has always been interested in making things a little better.

Breaking through together

A lamp looking like a daffodil
MASKROS was a mesmerising lamp modelled after a dandelion. MASKROS was designed by Markus Arvonen.
A table full of components for a table
LISABO, a lightweight construction included a wedge dowel.

A dynamic duo of IKEA design managers

A woman in blue jacket and a man in a white shirt standing in a workshop environment
Eva Lilja Löwenhielm and Johan Ejdemo.

Designing stories for the times

A man with glasses in white shirt sitting in a chair, leaned forward.
"Circular design is about democratising products, making them both more sustainable and affordable."

Johan Ejdemo, Design Manager at IKEA