A woman surrounded by colourful cushions with playful motifs, holding a pink cushion, plus a pair of hands folding paper.
13 April 2021

IKEA and Zandra Rhodes to bring jewellery for the home

After working with fashion for over 50 years, what is the difference working with an IKEA collection, Zandra?

A handmade technical drawing for a shell-shaped trey, with prototypes in white, brown and gold paper beside it.

What does fashion mean to you?

Filme silky cushions with colourful, playful motifs on a brown leather sofa.

The candle tray and candlestick you have designed together. Describe how they are both IKEA and Zandra?

Did you see a candle tray and a candlestick immediately?

Portrait of Paulin Machado.
Three gold-and-blue candle holders with lit candles on a white surface.

Are you happy with the result?

A woman with lights and decorations behind her, holding two gold-and-blue candle holders over a white table.
Two metal candle holders in blue with lit candles, beside a similar gold tray holding jewelry, on a white table.

We asked Zandra and Paulin to prepare questions for each other. This is what they were curious about:

Zandra: India is such a special place to me, as you know, and I know you lived in India working with IKEA. How did it inspire and dictate your working process, ethics, and design aesthetic? What have you taken from living in India that you use day-to

Paulin: I’m curious to know if you strive for inner Zen and what is it for you? I see you as the ultimate entrepreneur — your home and business are one with people constantly around you.