A man in a white shirt making a bed.
06 December 2022

IKEA explores multifunctional furniture for small spaces

Yasushi Kusume, Exploration Leader and Innovation Development Manager at IKEA.
A sketch of a flexible solution for eating, sleeping and dining.
Early sketches of a multifunctional furniture concept that combines social space with private space.

Turning small space insights into furniture

Two people assembling an IKEA product.
A man with his back towards the camera pointing at a detail on a shelf.

Multifunctional furniture to bring different environments to life

A man in a white shirt is folding a bed together.
A man in a white shirt sitting on a stool at a desk.
Mauricio Affonso, Innovation Development Leader at IKEA.
A man standing next to a table and an armchair.
Mauricio Affonso shows different uses of one of the multifunctional furniture solutions currently in exploration at IKEA, with space for dining, sleeping, and relaxing.
A man standing next to a bed, putting his hands on a pillow.