A bathrobe and towels hanging on a wooden wall in a sauna light sauna environment.
09 February 2023

Sauna culture takes shape in the BASTUA collection

A man with round glasses in a white shirt standing in front of stacked firewood.
Sami Ruotsalainen, designer at Marimekko.
A hand over a sketch of a green and white pattern taped on a piece of paper.
The interior of a sauna with two towels lying on the benches.
The colourful Marimekko print for BASTUA inspired by wood carvings covers cushions and towels, among other things.

The nature of an IKEA and Marimekko collaboration

An outdoor kitchen top with trays with rhubarb leaf prints, a bag, a glass pitcher, a lemon and rhubarbs.
Original prints and patterns from Marimekko grace items like trays, towels, and bags in the BASTUA collaboration with IKEA.
A mirror with a wooden frame hanging on a wall covered with wooden slats.
The birch frame of the BASTUA mirror, designed by Mikael Axelsson, draws from the shape and feel of hand-carved wood.
A glass pitcher with water and a poppy flower standing outside in the sun on a concrete wall.
For the BASTUA glassware, IKEA designer Henrik Preutz also pulled from Sami Ruotsalainen's print while nodding to ripples on water under rays of sunshine.

Bringing sauna and its surroundings to life at home with BASTUA

A man with a moustache in a white shirt standing outside in front of a rock.
Mikael Axelsson, IKEA designer.
A black and white sketch showing a side table.
IKEA designer Mikael Axelsson's sketches for the BASTUA side table.
A wooden side table with a vase filled white and yellow flowers.
The BASTUA side table, designed with a high edge to keep things in place.