A collection of soft toys piled up on the floor next to a kids bed.
12 October 2022

BLÅVINGAD toy collection brings an important message ashore

A man with round glasses wearing a blue suit sitting in front of a green wall.
A man drinking coffee with a soft toy panda bear next to him.
“I’ve become something of an interpreter”, Magnus Thuvesson says about learning to understand children in his work with the Kids Lab and Kids Panel at IKEA.

Weaving children’s concerns and hopes into BLÅVINGAD

A man in a blue T-shirt sitting in a chair in the middle of a room.
Two kids playing with a wooden fishing game.
In the BLÅVINGAD fishing game, players can fish garbage out of the ocean and put it in a “bin”.
A pair of child hands putting together a wooden submarine.
The flat-packed submarine is made of wood from DUKTIG kitchen production residue.

Ocean animal soft toys sport a movement in material use

Sketches of two turtles and an octopus.
Sketches of the BLÅVINGAD turtle and octopus.
A bunch of soft toys gathered on a table.
A couple of the BLÅVINGAD soft toys accompanied by friends from JÄTTELIK.