IKEA + Marimekko

The BASTUA collection

Bold prints and Scandinavian simplicity define a colourful collection inspired by Nordic sauna culture. BASTUA, a unique collaboration between IKEA and Marimekko, brings the beauty of nature and the joy of wellness to life.

A unique collaboration

The 26-piece collection combines IKEA home furnishing knowledge with Marimekko's iconic print design in products for wellbeing at home. This is the first time that Marimekko has designed a set of prints especially for a collaboration, making it truly unique. Designed by Mikael Axelsson and Henrik Preutz of IKEA, together with Marimekko’s Maija Louekari and Sami Ruotsalainen, the collection is a marriage of design and functionality.

The BASTUA collection captures the sights and memories of Nordic sauna traditions. From verdant rhubarb leaves with long pink stems to glassware that refracts light like a glistening lake, all bring Scandinavian summer into the home.

With a focus on function, clean lines and simple construction, the furniture in the collection is inspired by Scandinavia’s renowned design heritage. The soft, rounded forms of veneer side tables and solid wood benches made from birch are beautifully Nordic and unmistakably IKEA.

The inspiration behind the design

"The colours of the prints are inspired by Finnish summers, and endless summer nights."

The BASTUA collection is available for a limited time only. If it’s no longer available in your market or if we’re unable to link you directly to the collection on your local retail site, we’ll take you directly to see more inspiring new products!