Let's go back in time to


New looks, materials and markets

It's 1973 and IKEA says "hej" to Europe with the opening of stores in Switzerland and Germany - our first stores outside of Scandinavia. Jeans are in fashion and oil prices are rocketing. Let's take a look back at the IKEA Catalogue from 50 years ago and see what's going on in the home.

Daring decor

Colour schemes go to the extreme as bold tones and clashing prints live together in domestic harmony. No place for wallflowers, unless it's a print. IKEA even offers art, starting with a collaboration with the famous Swedish artist, Lars Norrman.

Ahead of the curve

Although shapely plastic forms are still popular in the home, a hike in oil costs is making production costly. Enter tubular metal frames. The KRUMELUR seating range with its brightly coloured curves and the shiny chrome form of IMPALA are all the rage.

Style is in the jeans

Denim is more than the latest fashion on the street, it's in vogue in homes too! The days of the living room reserved for special guests or occasions is gone. Finally living up to its name, it has become the social hub of the home, a place where families and friends can get together. Denim is durable, inexpensive and fashionable, and reflects the new laid-back style of the seventies. And it's not just reserved for one room, but throughout the home and even outdoors!

From loud sleepers...

Expect plenty of vivid dreams with bedlinen this bold!

To quiet creepers

Walls are flanked by wall-to-wall carpeting sold from a roll and yes, IKEA even sells vacuum cleaners to keep them fresh and dust-free. From fluffy shag pile to waterproof tufted nylon carpets for the bathroom, cosiness underfoot is crucial. Just hope the bathtub doesn't overflow!

The day's not over yet

Whether it's a bit of admin in the evening or weekend DIY, workspaces are a part of the home. From sewing tables to workbenches and even a dedicated office furniture series, there's no risk of idle hands here.

Kitchens, then and now

Trends come and go, then come around again, but the thing that never goes out of fashion is our need for a place to call home... and food! As the place where we cook, meet and eat – kitchens, big and small, have gradually evolved into the beating heart of the home, with open-plan layouts a popular choice.



Over its 70 years of publication, the IKEA Catalogue became an icon around the world.

The final edition was printed in 2020, but thanks to the IKEA Museum's digital archive of all catalogues, you can always take a trip down memory lane.

Looking for something a little more up-to-date?

Head on over to your local online IKEA store, where you'll find plenty of products and inspiration for today's home.