A selection of raw material including a bamboo chopping board, wooden flooring, balls of yarn and swatches of leather.

Regenerating resources

This is how we will work to regenerate resources while growing our business:

A holistic view is key when assessing materials

Our raw materials have been categorised into four main groups:



Two forestry workers in high-visibility vests inspect a pile of logs in a recently cleared forest.

Our Forest Positive Agenda




A bundle of freshly-picked raw cotton.
Three peas popping out of a pod.

Food ingredients

Animal welfare

Two brown hens grazing in a patch of grass and clover.


An aerial view of an open cut mine, with three blue-green pools of water at the bottom.

Transparency in the inorganics supply chain


Recycled materials


A clump of white recycled polyester.
An ant carrying a piece of grass across the bark of a felled tree.

Biodiversity – a big global challenge

Sow a seed

A person rinsing a bunch of radishes under a kitchen tap.

Being good water stewards

A young child laying on their bed while hugging a large grey stuffed elephant.

Safe products for the many people