A portrait of Stefan Månsson, Material & Innovation Development Manager at Inter IKEA Group.

Materials are key for becoming circular

Why does the IKEA business aim to use only renewable and recycled materials in its product range?

Where is the IKEA business on the journey towards using only renewable and recyclable materials?

A light brown honeycomb paper construction with a particle board frame.
Fibreboard with a particle board frame and honeycomb paper as filling uses less wood per product.
A blue sofa, a beige rug and two white LACK tables in different sizes, one with a glass vase with dried grass decorations.
LACK table tops are made of particle board with recycled honeycomb paper filling and fibreboard.

What are some of the challenges on this journey?

An IKEA co-worker is throwing a large bundle of transparent plastic into a recycling container outdoors.

How does IKEA drive the material agenda towards renewable and recycled?

Can you share some examples of the above?

HUVUDROLL plant balls being fried in a black frying pan on an induction hub. A hand is sprinkling chopped parsley over them.
The HUVUDROLL plant-ball is delicious and has a significantly lower climate footprint compared to a meat-based ball.

Lastly, can you share what’s new in material innovation?