A large machine processing fabric in a factory setting.

A step towards a more sustainable future: recycled polyester

Meet recycled polyester

A rug made from recycled polyester in the shape of a sheep skin.
TOFTLUND, 100% recycled polyester.
A grey sofa.
EKTORP is beautiful inside and out. The polyester we use inside our upholstered furniture are also being converted to recycled. In EKTORP, the seat cushion filling is made from 30% cut polyurethane foam and 70% polyester hollow fibres.

Essential facts about recycling polyester

Three oil barrels standing next to each other.

The recycling process

Two hands working with a machine recycling polyester.

Recycled polyester is a step forward, but it's not taking us all the way

Taking the next steps towards a sustainable future

A black chair with a green pillow on top.
FORTSKRIDA collection.
Arrangement of textiles.
FORTSKRIDA collection.