A woman sits on a sofa, while her son sits on the floor. They are both laughing.

Healthy, sustainable, affordable living for everyone

A woman and two men examine a table leg attachment in a workshop.

Designing for circularity

Our commitments

Inspiring and enabling people to live healthier, more sustainable lives

A man and woman cook in the kitchen. The woman is looking in the overhead cupboard.

Solutions for a healthy and sustainable home

The focus is on solutions related to:

Innovation is key in our water saving solutions

A bathroom sink and a tap with a black, water-saving  ÅBÄCKEN water nozzle.
A white STARKVIND table with air purifier and a vase with flowers on top in a combined living room and dining area.

Enabling people to have better air at home

Inspiring healthier, more sustainable choices

A packet of HUVUDROLL plant balls standing upright  on a choping board on a kitchen counter.
Our commitments

Promoting circular and sustainable consumption

A person upholstering a chair.

Becoming circular affects everything we do

A man stands, holding the back of a chair, while a woman sits and talks to him.

Establishing and developing the IKEA Core Circular Customer Offer

Our commitments

Creating a movement in society around better everyday living

Phasing out and replacing products

A man with a beard and a bright green t-shirt  drinks from a transparent IKEA 365+ water bottle next to a green wall.
Two rechargeable batteries in a a battery charger.

It’s time to re-think (and recharge) batteries

Two IKEA Restaurant co-workers with blue aprons and hats are looking at a screen while holding a plate with a sandwich.

Limiting food waste