A young man dressed in work clothes is removing the fabric from a yellow armchair inside a colourful, modern workshop.

Transforming into a circular business


21.5 million+

Our strategic goals for 2030:


Designing circular products

Designed to move and grow with you

A wooden table leg with a wedge dowel mechanism about to be attached to a wooden tabletop placed upside down.
A two-seater sofa with a chaise longue part is shown twice, once with a woman sitting on it, once showing storage inside.

Circular design that’s adaptable

IKEA shares online product design tool to accelerate the circular movement

A woman holding a sofa part without cover in a white-brown living room with large windows, a beige sofa, pillows and plants.

Using renewable or recycled materials

A living room with a KLIPPAN sofa, a pillow, a coffee table and FLISAT toy storage in wood filled with soft toy dinosaurs.

Innovating to reduce the use of resources

Continuing to increase the share of recycled polyester in our supply chain

Recycled polyester looking like a ball of white fluff on a white background.
The corner of a thick, cream-coloured foam mattress with ribbed edges and holes on the surface, without cover.

Alternatives and end-of-life solutions for foam


Developing more circular services

Creating markets for second-hand items

The back of an open truck filled with furniture and a man helping another man that’s carrying a yellow armchair.
A man with dark hair, a beard and tattoos is looking underneath an extendable wooden table while adjusting spare parts.

Making it easier to prolong product life


Joining forces with others and leading by example

A woman and a man discussing a technical drawing and making adjustments at a work table with tools in a factory environment.