Style + storage

Ceiling spotlights work for finding practical things in the shelving unit as well as highlighting the art on the wall.

The shared colours and patterns of the rug and cushions tie the sofa area together in a tightly knit, visual unit.

The slimline nest of tables makes it easy to add more table surface when needed, without stealing unnecessary space and focus.

Lots of closed storage in the island, means upper kitchen cabinets are not needed. This creates a less kitchen-y, more living-area-ish look, a bonus in an open plan space.

Different sizes and shapes of boxes, bins and books store away all sorts of miscellaneous things while looking cohesive thanks to a limited colour palette: mainly white and natural with just a few tones of red and blue.

A combo of deliberately different wall cabinets form a unique, memorable feature wall that does more than just look pretty; the mix of open and closed storage lets you both hide and display your belongings.

The space behind the sofa is an often underestimated spot for a bit of storage. Besides a novel and cup of tea within perfect, lazy reach, it can also be used for a plant, small lamp or remotes.

Using different parts of the hallway – mirror and hooks on one wall, a spot to sit on top of more storage on the other, an open wardrobe by the door – creates an airy uncrowded look and helps make coming and going flow smoothly.