Smart, stylish and on budget

No matter the size of your wallet, it's possible to create a home you love by making smart choices in spots that make an impact. Here's an idea-packed apartment that proves style and function on a budget is more than possible.

Warm, wallet-friendly living room decor ideas

Keeping furniture low makes ceilings seem higher and small rooms airier.
Make the room even more personal by putting some favourite black-and-white photos in the mix.
Two simple shelves can function like a credenza for a fraction of the cost when placed low on the wall with artwork above.
One larger sofa that fits the family can make a small space more comfortable and feel larger than one with multiple smaller pieces.

To achieve a timeless, calm atmosphere, a three-colour palette of white, oatmeal and black with accents of natural wood, bamboo and rattan works well. This combo makes it easy to find well-priced products that will always look good together.

A quick, cool DIY project: a functional column of shelves, doubling as a sculptural display.

Bedroom decor ideas for sleeping and storing in style

Hanging curtains in front of a wall of clothes storage creates a walk-in wardrobe feeling that you easily can switch on and off, and can be more affordable than wardrobes with doors.
One paint colour below the level of the loft bed and another above enhances the feeling of ceiling height and a separation between sleep space and play space.
Got more to fold than hang? A low price, lightweight hanging storage organiser makes your wardrobe or closet work better instantly.

Kitchen and bath ideas that won't break the bank


Going classic and simple for the big pieces and finishes in baths and kitchens often means a look you'll be happy to live with for a long time, making your initial investment a better value every year. Quick and inexpensive refreshes using towels, rugs and accessories are more easily made when starting with a neutral canvas, too. Win, win!

The budget-decorators best friend just might be a trolley. It adds so much function to small hardworking spaces like bathrooms, and if your needs change, it can be reused in any room of the house.

Space (and money!) saving home organisation idea


The connection between getting organised and staying on budget is a strong one: you'll get more use from things you can see and find easily, meaning you get the best value out of what you already own while buying less. And, as a bonus, you'll save so much time, too!

Save money by using basic clear bins inside other pieces where they are tucked away. Use your more decorative boxes and baskets out on shelves where the look has greater impact.
Adding just four simple pieces to a stretch of wall can make it a useful and good looking entryway : a light to welcome you in on dark evenings, a mirror to check your smile, a shelf to hold keys and mail, a message center for reminders, sun glasses and little bits of your personality.