Make your bedroom baby-ready

Placing the cot near your own bed minimises response time (which maximises sleep time!).

Keeping the mattress in its upper position makes lifting your baby in and out easier, just be sure to lower it before your child can sit up.

A rocking chair that lets you sit down while gently rocking your baby back to sleep may well save the day – and many a night.

As you take turns getting out of bed at any and all hours of the night, separate duvets are a great idea.

An extra long row of hook racks offer space for your new roommate’s things without having to add as much extra storage furniture right away (and adds a decorative touch to the bedroom wall).

A nursing pillow is the softest multitool you're ever likely to find: ergonomic support for breastfeeding, an awesome spot to lean back and be cuddled in and this one is even filled with recycled material.

Moving your bed away from the wall creates space for the changing table behind the headboard, giving the feeling of a separate, but conveniently close, nursery.