Playfully yours: spaces where kids feel at home

Looking for a just-right mix of fun and function? Here's a few ways to make your home equally playful and practical for the little ones in your life.

Rooms to grow with

Setting up your child's first room is exciting, but its not something you want to have to do again in a few short years, just because they've grown up a bit. Here are a few ideas to make a room that is fun for the littles, that also can last a little longer.

Say goodbye to the old gendered thinking about kids and colours. A little kids room done up in warm, natural tones can be just as playful yet feels less baby-ish as they grow.
A room with walls and furniture in neutral, natural colors is also easier to update and refresh just by adding bedding in their new "favourite colour".
Kids grow up too fast. A very convenient way to stay (somewhat) in step: adjustable, extendable beds.
Pull toys now, dress up accessories in a year, games and craft supplies later: flexible storage that suits different stages.

Big enough for the two of us

For an explosion of creativity, play and family dynamics – simply add a sister or brother! Siblings sharing a room may be a challenge at times, but also a source of joy. While some compromises are likely needed, a lot can also be personalised, like having separate wardrobes and storage units.

When your child is old enough to have a loft bed, simply flip this reversible bed into its upper position.
A bunk bed creates the two "rooms" within the room, made even more individual when each spot has their own small light source.

Let the fun begin

Above all – play! Make it easy for your children to move, explore, and express themselves. Let toys, games and watercolour-fresh art on display add to the mood of the room, and give rise to new ideas and activities.

Rainy days can still be tumbling days; just fold out the play mats.
Narrow wooden book shelves also work as spot for ever-changing exhibits of new masterpieces.

Playfulness knows no boundaries

While there's often good reason to concentrate play to kids rooms, it's equally important to encourage it elsewhere. With easy fixes, workspaces, bathrooms and kitchens can be both child-friendly and safe environments.

Trolleys are perfect for on-and-off activities like drawing and origami. When they're not in use, they can be out of sight in no time.
Moveable suction cup hooks and bins let you keep kids things at just their height, even as they get taller (and taller).
A pull down folding table makes this shelving unit extra functional; hidden art supply storage when up, a kids craft corner when down.