A small space studio by the sea

Here's the first home of a young couple living a lightweight life closer to nature, where the adrenalin is high and the rent is low. Their pint-sized first place together is a little beach house that's filled with only what they really need, nothing more: sturdy, flexible things that they can keep and use for a good long time.

Two teens sitting in a sofa
Sturdy storage rails and hooks usually found in the kitchen work just as well in the entryway.
VUKU wardrobe
The do-it-all big blue bag is a perfect sidekick for beach cleanups.

Maximising a micro kitchen


Your kitchen is awesome! Was it hard to plan?

“Not at all. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time and money, so we picked out a ready-made kitchen combo online and built it from the box. It’s great that we can add to it whenever we want, or take it with us to our next place.”

An add-on shelving unit provides tons of needed extra storage now and is easy to pack up, move, and modify for the next home.
Saves space, time and electricity – this portable induction hob is all-around good news.

Work, eat, entertain, chill out


Any tips for making the most of a small home?

“Break rules. Be flexible. Mix things up. Our dining and living area was inspired by camper vans. Combining the sofa and dining table not only saves space, but also feels really comfy and casual. We love hanging out here, and so do our friends.”

Plenty of off season clothes (or whatever needs to be tucked away) fits inside this ottoman foot stool.
A few extra visitors? No problem, and these stackable stools also make great side tables.
A room divider now, a whatever-is-needed later. The natural pine is easy to refinish too, for a new look later on.

The cozier the better


One lesson you’ve learned while living here?“That a good life doesn’t have to be complicated. We don’t have much, but we have everything we need to be happy: the big outdoors as our backyard, and a comfy bed to come home to. What more could we ask for?”

With no room for side tables, the space behind headboard and some wooden shelving becomes a clever Plan B.2

Diving into a post- swim shower


For a life on the move, what does “home” mean to you?“It’s having a space, no matter how small, to call your own. A place you can return to. To recharge and refresh. Even if it’s just a quick shower before we head out again!”

Suction cup hooks lets you add storage wherever you need it without making your landlord grumpy.
Double down on the power of a storage trolley: one for the kitchen, one for the bath: both super useful.