A perfect fit for a family of four

Living, cooking, dining, playing, working and sleeping: for this family, it all happens in a small one-bedroom apartment. Maximum function squeezed into minimum space – all with some of our very lowest low-price products.

Small homes need smart storage solutions

Hook rails at different heights mean everyone can reach their favourite jacket.

This hallway solution makes good use of every bit of space, taking pressure off the rest of the home. A floor to ceiling solution at one end combines open and closed solutions to hold everyday things as well as off-season storage.

An everything room filled with easy move furniture

Stackable chairs free up space in a snap; store four in the place of one.
Vertical lines of long curtains accentuate ceiling height, making any size room feel bigger and airier.
High wall shelves used across the room ups the storage capacity without using any of the much-needed floorspace.

The biggest room in this small home is also the hardest working. Living room, kitchen, dining room and the parents' bedroom all rolled into one. They make it work thanks to light, easy-move furniture that lets them shift things around when they need to free up space for extra-boisterous fun or friends coming by.

Minimal in style, maxi in size, these simple kitchen cabinets create a calmer look in a room with a lot going on.
“Practical” and “functional” might rule in this home, but a little bit of “beautiful” decoration never hurts either.

Would a sofa bed be the more expected option? Yes, but making the dreams of a comfy double bed come true is worth it. Turning it around means the higher headboard works like a room divider, too.

An empty wall was turned generous wardrobe, and by using some of our most affordable products, it didn't break the bank. Swapping out doors for curtains makes the best use of both budget and space.

Fit in as much storage as possible by measuring size of bins and setting shelf heights to fit them exactly.
Sort your clothes by type before planning your storage so you can get the optimum amount of rails, bins and shelves to really suit your stuff.

Hop on in to a cosy kids room


Two sweet little sisters, one sweet little space. The bedroom is full of good design and good ideas for sleeping, playing, storing and studying, pulled together on a tiny budget.

Shallow wall shelves that hold library books makes for great bedtime story hours and a fun ever-changing visual display.
Long-lifespan items save money and mean less consumption, too. An adjustable-length bed will grow up with this kid.