9 smart low-cost problem solvers

They have the power to cut the clutter, squeeze maximum function into minimal space, make things last longer and, honestly, make your life easier. Not quite magic, but close. These small-but-effective everyday heroes are all high value at a low price.


An instant clutter fix

A trio of baskets are a magnet for collecting clutter: a fast, simple way to create calm and make some organisational sense out of all the little stuff that just seems to gather naturally on surfaces.


Doubly helpful

This plate holder can also be repurposed as a clever, convenient organiser for a round of bills and paperwork.

At IKEA, we are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler, more efficiently and always cost-effectively. Just like you.

A place to park after play

Storage boxes with dividers make finding toys fast and fun. That they also make it easier to tidy up afterwards gives grown-ups something to smile about, too.


Finding the finishing touch

Give an organised home to your favourite everyday accessories while keeping them available instead of hidden away in a box. Trays and drawer organisers let you find and grab just the right ones at a glance.


No-strings-attached storage

Drill-free suction cup bathroom storage, loved by landlords and wallets everywhere. Put a hook right where it works for you for your easiest ever getting ready routine.


The right storage at the right height

Put up a pegboard, and you've just added some flexibility to your home. Simply fine tune to the needs (and heights) of family members, and you'll have visibility, easy access and a stylish display, all neatly packaged.


Make more of your door

Low key good looks, no installation needed and super helpful. An overdoor rack turns the backside of any door into useful, usable space.


A shoe storage idea that’ll grow on you

If there's one factor that tips the scales away from a messy wardrobe or hallway, it's shoe control. These racks let you grow a custom solution, building high and wide until you get there.


A must have for every home

A small investment that saves you money. After all, the most affordable, most sustainable product is the one you already have. And, these can help you take good care of it!