7 ways to live with and love houseplants

Plants have so many built-in mood-enhancing, home-improving qualities, we are officially plant lovers through and through! Here are some ideas for making houseplants a happy part of your home.


Extend the sill

To an indoor plant, a windowsill equals life. Adding an additional surface close to it – like a wall cabinet or a bench – enables more plants to share a spot in the sun. Besides an even greener room, you get extra storage space to boot.


Camouflage awkward corners

Some corners simply stand out for the wrong reasons: too visible, too invisible, poor feng shui. Give any of them a chlorophyll makeover, and soon it will be known as the cosy green corner.

Just a few plants can be enough to see a calming reaction in people. It has even been shown that artificial plants can have many of the same effects as live ones. A type of well-being placebo, one could say.

Indoor gardening for good growth

Proper watering routines are a good (read: essential) start, but they only take your houseplants so far. To really encourage health, happiness and growth, repot them to the correct size as they grow, giving them fresh soil and space to spread their roots. You'll be rewarded with even more beauty!


Colourfully coordinate

Grouping pots with a uniform, simple shape and colour creates a modern and well-coordinated look even if your plants are all different. For an eclectic look – do the opposite.

Try to place plants together that need to be watered on the same schedule – making it easier to both remember and carry out.

Get growing with a vertical garden

If space is tight and you’re still longing for more plants, smaller pots on wall shelves on different heights work great, just make sure its a sufficiently sunny spot. Hanging planters work really well in kitchens and bathrooms with natural light.


Make an instant upgrade

Dress up a basic "it came with the plant" pot by placing it inside a basket. Voila, suddenly it coordinates with the rest of the room and adds a touch of natural texture.

Reuse a plastic bag under the pot to protect the bottom of the basket – making it available for reuse down the road, too.

A foolproof way to stay happy and hydrated

Trees bring nature indoors in a powerful way, but they can sometimes be challenging to keep healthy. A self-watering plant pot helps you water with less worry and the castors make it easier for you to find its favourite sunny spot.