12 little weekend projects

Oh, Saturday morning! Is there anything more delightful than a free weekend day? Possibly one where you also get a little something done - a project small and fast enough to remain fun that also improves your day (and home).


Bake away the blahs

Can you think of anything, anytime or any place that wouldn’t be improved by the scent of freshly-baked goods? Neither can we.


Colourblock your curtain hems

Give your curtains some extra length, and the room a new look, with a colourblock update. A bit of fabric, iron-on hemming tape, and you're halfway there.


Be your own barista

Your own personal coffee and tea station is just waiting to happen! Everything you need for your early morning caffeine fix, all on one easy-to-reach rail.

A rail with hooks can work for much more than tea and coffee. Tailor stations around the kitchen, sort in clusters by activity: super accessible – and out of the way when not in use.
The forecast this weekend: clear with a chance of afternoon naps! For those days when you have a little time to spare, these home-improving, boredom-banishing ideas are ready when you are.

Look good enough to eat

Ever find yourself wondering why you don't bring out your favourite dinnerware more often? Then let them stay out! A picture ledge and a curtain wire let you create a display that lets your eyes feast alongside your taste buds.


The almost forgotten art of using photo frames

Baby’s first smile. Graduation. That rare one where nobody’s blinking. From old prints to currently-phone-locked thumbnails, why not take this time to finally frame and display those favourite family memories?

Picture ledges minimise drilling and measuring, keep frames straight and let you arrange and rearrange the setup at a moment's notice.

On-the-go organising

Hooks (you can't have too many), shoe racks and baskets. Pull together a hallway solution in no time to make everyday following that much smoother.


Capture the moment, save the season

Homemade pickles, jams and preserves are handy to have in the pantry, look great on display, and make even better gifts.


Get a head start on recycling

These convenient bins come in all kinds of different sizes, to suit all kinds of different spaces: a great reason to start recycling, if you aren’t already.


Sort your socks in a snap

A rogue-sock reunion is long overdue. Tackle your bedroom’s sock or underwear or you-name-it drawer and give them all a fresh start in new organiser-box homes.


Down for some decluttering

Experiment: take on your junk drawer – every home has at least one – sort its contents and see what happens. Do you feel relieved, happy, energised? Probably. Will drawer organisers help keep the clutter in check moving forward? Absolutely.


Operation clean-up

With daily handling, some wild playground encounters, maybe for weeks on, these toys long for a good scrub. No little kids? Swap for sneakers, make-up brushes, or anything else in desperate need of a deep clean.

A washing-up bowl helps you do dishes (or dinosaurs) with a minimum of water while still allowing the sink to be used for other purposes.

Busy doing nothing

One of the best things to do on a weekend: nothing at all! A cushion, throw and the comfy sofa are calling. Not every weekend hour needs to be productive – being kind to yourself and getting enough rest for the week ahead can be just as important.