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On the factory floor

Two women in a factory producing IKEA furniture, one of the women is holding a side panel in birch veneer.

Meet our suppliers

At IKEA, we know a lot about furniture. But no one knows more about it than the people who build it. That’s why we work in close-knit teams with our suppliers, together on the factory floor. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere and together with our suppliers, we always look for new and smarter ways of doing things. Meet some of the people that make IKEA possible, every day.

A film about one of the first IKEA suppliers, a Swedish family owned company.

Gyllensvaans was one of our first ever suppliers. This Swedish, family owned company delivered their first pieces of furniture to IKEA in 1952. Gyllensvaans started the production of the famous BILLY bookcases in 1978. They are now our largest supplier of BILLY.


Today IKEA has 963 home furnishing suppliers in 51 countries across the globe.

Two women inspecting an anthracite-coloured door front made from 100% recycled waste.

Creating better solutions

We think great design should be available to the many, not a luxury that only a few can afford. So together with our suppliers, we innovate new materials and technology to make our products even better and more affordable.

Creating better solutions

 A woman in a blue shirt, lifting folded cardboard boxes.

Better conditions – on the factory floor and beyond

More than 500,000 people work for companies that are direct suppliers to IKEA around the world. We want to make sure that we have a positive impact both on our suppliers, and the societies in which they operate. That’s why our efforts don’t stop at our supplier code of conduct, but go beyond the factory floor.