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The campaign kicks off with a new release of Jona Lewie’s 1980 hit ‘You’ll AlwaysFind Me In The Kitchen At Parties’ as well as a music video on Thursday 7th October.The track, carrying the same name, is performed by up-and-coming UK group ‘ManLike Me’ and is remixed by legendary producer Arthur Baker. The music video seesthe band along with a special guest appearance by Jona Lewie experiencing fourvery different IKEA kitchen parties. And very soon, viewers of the You Tube channelwill be able to roll over items featured in the music video and purchase them fromthe IKEA Kitchens site.

The music promo has been cut down to a 60 second ad which will first be aired inthis Saturday night’s X Factor ad breaks on ITV.

For the music promo, click on:
And for the 60 second ad, visit:

“We know from insight that people spend most of their time at home in the kitchen- using it as a social, living space as well as a place to cook. And it’s widely acceptedthat the best place to be at a party is in the kitchen,” says ad agency Mother.“Because of the functional aspects of its design and durability, the best partykitchen to be in is naturally an IKEA kitchen.”

“The music video shows Jona Lewie, ‘Man Like Me’ and friends partying their waythrough four IKEA kitchens to the track You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen AtParties” explains Anna Crona Director of Marketing at IKEA.

“At IKEA we rigorously test our kitchens so they stand up to anything that theliveliest of parties throws at them. For example, our kitchen surfaces are tested withalcohol, coffee and grease so they can withstand party stains like coffee, wine andgrease – even after they are left there for 24 hours. Plus, we open and shut ourdrawers 200,000 times to ensure they are really durable. And for a full week ourcabinets must bear the weight of 135 kilos - the same as 400 porcelain plates -which is great for a party kitchen when your guests can end up sitting or evendancing on your counter tops! Mother has done a great job of communicating thatIKEA makes durable party kitchens, which are guaranteed for 25 years.”

The music video and remastered version of Jona Lewie’s original track will belaunched by music label Southern Fried to the music industry later this week.

The music track will be available on Amazon and iTunes this Saturday.


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