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Steve Howard new Chief Sustainability Officer for the IKEA Group

Steve Howard new Chief Sustainability Officer for the IKEA Group

Steve Howard, PhD, is today CEO of The Climate Group, an independent non-profit NGO, which he co-founded in 2003. During his years at the Climate Group, he has advised and briefed leading companies and CEOs, state and government leaders on various aspects of climate change. Before founding The Climate Group, he worked 15 years with leading corporations, NGOs and UN bodies on environmental and sustainability issues.

“Sustainability is a cornerstone in our strategic direction, highly prioritized and serves as a catalyst for further innovation and development within IKEA. To economize with resources and constantly renew and develop is an important part of IKEAs idea and heritage. Steve brings passion and impressive competence within the field of sustainability paired with strong leadership skills. We look forward to take new important steps the coming years”, says IKEA Group President and CEO Mikael Ohlsson.

“If we are to provide a great quality of life for present and future generations we have to make sustainability attractive and affordable for the many people. I am delighted to join IKEA and help lead the company in this exciting and critically important challenge”, says Steve Howard.

During the past 10 to 15 years, the IKEA Group has developed its Sustainability Programme, focusing on using less material, responsible forestry, water treatment, cotton grown in a more sustainable way and other projects to tackle climate change. In the forestry, cotton and climate change initiatives, the IKEA Group is working in partnership with the WWF.

For further information, please contact Media Relations, IKEA Group +46 709 936376.


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