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Londoners named the most creative in the world due to their lethargic morning habits
Nearly half of inhabitants in the capital (44%) are waking up later than the rest of the world
Morning routines across the globe revealed in IKEA Life at Home report

The snooze-you-lose-logic has been turned on its head following research that shows the capital is the most creative city in the world - with Londoners’ love of a lie-in providing the perfect recipe in fulfilling their creative potential.

The findings from IKEA’s first annual ‘Life at Home’ study, which surveyed 8,000 people in cities around the world about their daily routines, found that almost half (44%) of inhabitants in the capital wake up later than the rest of the world with 27% of those surveyed pressing snooze more than once and get-up later than New Yorkers and residents of Berlin.

What’s more, 6 out of 10 Londoners have breakfast at home in London, perhaps explaining the leisurely hour and 28 minutes that is the average time spent from wake up to take off in London, with less than half waking up before 7am. In comparison 56% of Berliners get up before 7am and 61% of people living in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

As a result, the unique insights taken from the report have helped IKEA in developing a range of product solutions that provide the ideal conditions to help Londoners and UK residents alike in reaching their creative potential.

The report is further bolstered by a study published in the psychology journal Thinking and Reasoning which found that our up and at ‘em morning approach is in fact the opposite of conditions perfect for open-minded thinking. Neuroscientists found that imaginative insights and inspired connections are most likely to come to us when we are groggy, and this mind state breeds unfocused, irrelevant thoughts that enhance problem solving capabilities.

Gemma Arranz, Communication and Interior design Manager, IKEA UK & Ireland said...

“As Londoners we have woken up to the fact that having a lie in and ensuring we enjoy a good night’s sleep is essential in reaching our creative peak. Unique insights like this and regular visits into UK homes help us to develop and design solutions that make life at home just that little bit better.”