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At the ‘IKEA Festival - Let’s Make Room for Life’ exhibition at Milan Salone del Mobile, IKEA launched its new take on the living room.
Cities are growing, homes becoming smaller and the presence of technology in every aspect of our lives is greater than ever before, leading IKEA’s belief that living rooms need to be multifunctional and the most flexible room in the home. The role of this central room is changing dramatically and at IKEA’s latest exhibition they re-defined the room where everyday life happens.
Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA of Sweden says:
“People have told us that the living room is the heart of everyday life at home, full of activities and precious moments. Yet, it’s a room in need of change. As a curious company, we want to understand these needs and meet them with solutions that cater for the everyday life.”

Make room for life is the new direction for how IKEA defines the living room, designed to meet the functional and emotional needs of modern living. By focusing on four different areas – Make room for friends, Make room for celebration, Make room for play and Make room for nature, IKEA will help people create their dream living room in an easy and affordable way, offering solutions that are easy to understand and choose from. These new spaces provide an offer that makes more out of people’s space and enable an atmosphere where they feel good and allows people to show who they are and who they want to be.

As part of this, IKEA announced a variety of sofa ranges in Milan, designed for the changing living room, and adapting as people’s use of the living space changes:

VIMLE - Launching April 2017
VIMLE is a new family of timeless, everyday-friendly sofas. VIMLE is designed to adapt to changing lives and needs - just replace or add a section to create a whole new sofa, with even the arms being detachable so it’s easy to completely change the whole sofa.

Each section is generous in size and offers lots of comfort whilst the footstool and chaise longue also offer storage solutions to save space or keep an extra cushion or blanket close at hand. Covers are available in a wide range of colours, all removable and water washable.

The collaboration with Tom Dixon is not only about exploring the possibility of designing open source hardware, but equally about exploring materials and challenging traditional ways of production to redefine the concept of comfort. The living platform DELAKTIG is designed to help people cope with all the activity of everyday life. It’s made for friends and family to relax and socialise, with the possibility to use the system as a bed or sofa and tailor the function to suit any living situation.

FLOTTEBO - Launching February 2018
The urbanisation of today is a fact – people move in to cities and have less space to live in. More and more we live fluid lives, meaning working, socialising, and doing almost everything from home. With FLOTTEBO, IKEA introduces a totally new kind of sofa bed, where you can sleep, relax and store. 

HAVSTEN - Launching February 2018
With a modular design, offering the customer the ability to choose height, width, number of seats and several colour options, the IKEA HAVSTEN outdoor sofa is designed to be functional and meet the various needs of outdoor environments. The sofa has been awarded with the 2017 Red Dot Award: Product Design. Red Dot Award is an internationally organised competition which reviews the best products of the year.

As part of the space, IKEA shared the latest news from ongoing collaborations with the Danish company HAY, the African design platform Design Indaba, French designers collette and the visual artist duo Pinar&Viola, amongst others.

New ranges announced at ‘IKEA Festival – Let’s Make Room for Life’ include:

HAY COLLABORATION – YPPERLIG - Launching October 2017
The collaboration with Danish brand HAY and its two founders Mette and Rolf is about exploring the future of Scandinavian design, using advanced manufacturing techniques, and understanding what the functional and emotional needs are in the modern 21st century home. The approach to the collection, which comprises of furniture, lighting, accessories and textile designs, was to look at each product as an individual object, rather than making a conceptual collection that matches perfectly. Instead, the products are held together with a colour scheme that's brave but will age well, just like the pieces themselves.

The new range developed with French multi-brand retailer collete will further explore the power of details and how to make the best designs available for the many people. The starting point for the collaboration will be to merge two icons into one, the IKEA FRAKTA bag and colette’s well-known blue dots. The collaboration, which will contain selected products, will explore unconventional thinking and playfulness in design.

What is needed in the young homes with an active and urban lifestyle? This is what IKEA will explore in an upcoming collaboration together with the American fashion designer Chris Stamp. The collaboration will be a collection of products focusing on storage in the home and how to use storage to display favourite belongings, helping everyone to show who they are and appreciate their pieces just as much when they’re not being worn as when they are. 

When three young designers at IKEA join hands with the iconic design collective 10-gruppen the result is 14 bold patterns applied on bedding, plates, trays, rugs and meter fabric, plus more for a limited edition collection. Fusing the present and the past every single piece proves that
what was spectacular 45 years ago can be just as bold today – and that it’s possible to celebrate history and still be super contemporary.

STUNSIG - Launching June 2017
The STUNSIG limited edition collection is the result of a collaboration with six exciting designers and artists who have created prints, patterns and colour compositions for everyday IKEA products, turning them into something extraordinary and different. The fun, edgy and sometimes poetic prints evoke a myriad of different reactions and emotions. Some are created just to make you laugh while others are made to stimulate people’s imagination and appreciate the beauty in diversity. The artist duo Pinar & Viola are among the designers and their work for STUNSIG features intricate patterns filled with birds and bees.

The collaboration with Design Indaba will work around modern rituals and the importance they play in the home. The designers met up in Cape Town in March this year to work on their ideas for the collection and make prototypes spanning from padlocks to curved benches and a house.

Information and high resolution images for news from ‘IKEA Festival – Let’s Make Room for Life’ can be found at: