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IKEA celebrates the 40th birthday of the iconic POÄNG armchair

IKEA celebrates the 40th birthday of the iconic POÄNG armchair

  • The timeless armchair series celebrates 40th year this September
  • The creation of Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura has become one of the best selling products for IKEA

IKEA is this month celebrating the 40th birthday of the iconic POÄNG chair with the launch of six new limited edition cushion covers, and one new armchair frame.

After forty years, the design of the original chair remains much the same, however, several new lines have been added to the series of the popular IKEA favourite. With an array of cover designs, and the same clean Scandinavian frame, the POÄNG armchair remains one of the top-selling products at IKEA, with approximately 1.5 million sold globally each year.

Created and introduced in 1976 by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura, the POÄNG chair is the perfect example of IKEA’s Democratic Design principles which look for an item to be designed with sustainability, affordability, form, function and quality in mind.

With the layered bentwood frame, the POÄNG armchair bends with the sitter, meaning that comfort and durability of the product are maximised. The design evolution over the years has meant increased sustainability and lower prices for fans of the product.

Nakamura arrived in Sweden in the 1970’s to study European design. “The reason why I wanted to go to northern Europe is that the design there has essential, creative elements for humans,” Nakamura said. “Their products are pleasant, fun and soothing to touch and use, with each having significant meaning and value.”

Luis Lopez, Living Room Sales Leader for the UK said “POÄNG is one of our most popular products, and our customers see it as a failsafe home essential. Its affordability makes it accessible to all, and the classic yet stylish design means that it fits into any décor scheme. POÄNG is a trusty favourite which can easily be personalised through the years with new cushion covers and materials to suit changing styles, all with the same comfort!  When you buy POÄNG armchair you choose everything yourself, except the comfort – which is always included!”

POÄNG Facts and Figures

  • The chair was originally called POEM, but was renamed POÄNG in 1992 to correspond with a series of changes and improvements made to it.
  • Globally, more than 30 million POÄNG chairs have been sold since its debut forty years ago.
  • Currently, approximately 1.5 million POÄNG chairs are sold each year worldwide.
  • The price of the POÄNG chairs today is approximately 21% lower than the price forty years ago.
  • In 1992, the chair’s steel pipes were replaced by a frame made entirely of layered bentwood. The alteration allowed POÄNG to be flat-packed and shipped more efficiently, contributing to a 21% price reduction consumers enjoy today.
  • A test machine in IKEA stores since 1978 shows the durable form of the POÄNG chair. The machine pressure-tests the chair 20 times per minute at 1000 newton for a standard 50,000 times. That’s like a 220lb person sitting in the chair 20 times per minute.

The POÄNG series is available at IKEA stores across the country and online.