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IKEA leads the smart home revolution

IKEA leads the smart home revolution with new smart lighting range and app

IKEA leads the smart home revolution with new smart lighting range and app

Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA has announced its Smart Lighting collection which will make innovative lighting solutions available to the mass market for the first time.

The Smart Lighting collection, which arrives in UK stores in April 2017, includes energy-efficient LED bulbs, lighting panels and doors which are all managed through a remote control by the homeowner. The collection also comes complete with an app which allows users to completely personalise their home lighting set-up by designing the lighting they want and controlling their lighting system, all through their phone or tablet.

This latest step in IKEA’s ‘Home Smart’ initiative aims to make the complex, and often expensive, smart lighting offering accessible to the many people and more affordable than ever before. The new range is a plug-and-play solution, meaning that there is no need for hardwiring as customers can simply switch their traditional lightbulbs with a TRÅDFRI LED bulb to enable them to adjust their lighting.

IKEA’s research in to the lives of everyday people at home highlighted that small changes in lighting can have a positive impact on people’s well-being and intellectual abilities - with cold lighting suited for learning and warm for relaxing - lighting was the obvious next step in the ‘Home Smart’ initiative to help people live a better life at home.

In the autumn, the app will be updated with an “Away from Home” function which will allow users to set lights to timers, check to see if they remembered to turn off lights or remotely turn lights on if their plans change.

The range starts from only £15 for a kit with a steering device and an LED bulb – making smart lighting truly affordable.

Key Features:
• Select the best light for you: Users can choose a light for early mornings, another for late evenings and a third for cooking or working at home – all from the same lightbulb, with the system allowing them to dim, turn off, turn on, and switch from warm to cold light using a remote control or the app.
• Plug-and-play solution: There is no need for hardwiring as customers can simply switch their traditional lightbulbs with a TRÅDFRI LED bulb to enable them to adjust their lighting. Since the technology developed for switching between light tones and dimming is found inside the bulb itself, TRÅDFRI can be used in any lamp with the standard socket sizes.
• TRÅDFRI app: Designed because light is personal, and different family members like light and atmosphere a certain way, depending on the activity. The app adds an extra layer of functionality to the range since by allowing people to control groups of lights or individual lamps and use pre-set lighting moods, design their own looks and set a timer to turn their lights on/off at a specific time. 

Helen Akinsete, Lighting Sales Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland said:
“Our research told us that the existing smart lighting technology was perceived as being too expensive and difficult to understand. With this in mind, we set out to make our smart lighting solutions easy to use and affordable.

“With IKEA Home Smart we aim to improve everyday life at home by making it more convenient and comfortable. IKEA Home Smart is not about making gadgets. It’s about adding functionality to our entire product range by integrating technology into our home furnishing offer. Through targeting everyday frustrations, we combine our life at home knowledge with technology to make life more convenient and comfortable, saving time, space and frustration. Our first offering, wireless charging, was hugely successful and smart lighting was a natural progression as our second launch. We’re busy exploring new ways of implementing technology in the home and will continue to develop ranges in the years to come.”