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IKEA, the leading home furnishing company, has announced the launch of its latest campaign to get people thinking differently about the way they live at home.

Peter Wright, IKEA UK and Ireland Marketing Manager, said, “We spend a great deal of time and money planning a wonderful two week holiday, but pay little attention to the things we do in the other three hundred and fifty one days of the year, and this is what we’re really curious about - the everyday.

“To IKEA the everyday is the biggest design challenge – whether it’s getting your kids ready and out of the house in the morning on time, or having the right storage for your shoe collection. These are the types of challenges people face every day, and where we believe we have the inspiration and solutions, to make the everyday a little easier and maybe even a little bit more wonderful.”

This campaign which starts 18 April explores and celebrates life in the kitchen to coincide with the launch IKEA’s new METOD kitchen system. The design of the kitchen has been developed from a broad scope of insights through home visits and workshops from around the world, to meet the new demands around, social, food, family, and architectural trends.

Peter says “We know that the kitchen is the busiest and most pressured room in the home, so when it doesn’t work, we really feel it.

“But when it works, and it works for everyone in the family every single day, the busiest room is the best too. The new flexible METOD kitchen system goes much deeper than style alone, as it has been designed and developed to enable people to live the way they want to.”

The campaign launches with a TV advert in the UK and Ireland on Friday 18 April. Three versions of the advert have been produced and include 60” and 30” adverts which run until 27th June.

The advert, created by the agency Mother, shows a busy family kitchen on a carousel where everything is happening quickly, but somehow everything is moving around beautifully.

Voice over will say, “The kitchen is the busiest room in the house. If it doesn’t work for everyone, it doesn’t work at all. IKEA - The Wonderful Everyday.”

As part of the campaign, IKEA will use social listening for the first time in the integrated campaign. IKEA will continue to research and listen to peoples’ lives, dreams and frustrations, which will support IKEA whether it’s in how we show the kitchen in the stores or into the planning future developments.