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IKEA introduces veggie balls

IKEA introduces veggie balls

Today, IKEA will introduce its new veggie ball, GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, the first step to include a wider variety of healthier and more sustainable food choices. The veggie ball consists of only vegetables and has a lower environmental impact, such as a lower carbon footprint. This is a natural step for IKEA, building on the vision of creating a better everyday life for the many.

There is a huge interest in food and nutrition as well as in the social parts of food. Millions of images are shared in social media showing food and people getting together over food, and there are an increasing amount of interest in trust and responsibility in relation to food. IKEA food will keep focus on offering delicious and affordable food but add a wider variety of food that are good for health and well-being as well as being produced in a responsible manner considering people, planet and high animal welfare, based on our People and Planet Positive strategy. The Restaurants will be updated to improve the whole experience of IKEA food, contributing to a fun day out in an environment that shows a stronger feeling of home.

“We will continue to serve delicious food, offering a taste of Sweden at affordable prices, but with increasing focus on the aspects of food that are really important to people; health and sustainability. We have high ambitions, and our journey in this direction has just begun. I am proud that we now take the first step and start serving veggie balls,” says Michael La Cour, Managing Director of IKEA Food Services AB.

The new veggie ball, GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, is a good alternative to the loved meatball, with a rich taste from the chunky pieces of vegetables and a good protein level to suit a main meal. New dishes have been developed around the veggie ball and will include fresh local ingredients.

The new direction means development in the following areas:

Health - We will provide a wider offer of healthy food, with good ingredients and considering meal sizes.

Sustainability – Increasing focus on choice of ingredients, responsible production, including good animal welfare. Salmon and herring are important parts of our Swedish heritage food. By the end of FY15, our restaurants and all seafood at IKEA will be ASC or MSC certified, except crayfish. We are currently working with the MSC organisation to certify crayfish fisheries.

The food experience – During FY16, the IKEA restaurants will be updated to offer a more emotional experience and homey feeling, enhancing our home furnishing competence and Swedish heritage.

IKEA food co-workers – We want to be a great place to work! Our co-workers are at the heart of our new direction, and we will continuously build their knowledge around health and sustainability.