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IKEA becomes biggest food service provider of sustainable seafood

IKEA becomes biggest food service provider of sustainable seafood

IKEA becomes biggest food service provider of sustainable seafood

IKEA becomes biggest food service provider of sustainable seafood

22 September: IKEA has today announced it is the biggest food service provider of certified seafood worldwide.
With a commitment for seafood sold and served in its stores to be both ASC1 and MSC2 certified, the Swedish retailer is set to offer sustainably sourced seafood to over 600 million customers in 47 countries worldwide.
The seafood offering from IKEA includes over 23 different certified seafood species including salmon, herring and shrimp, making IKEA the food service provider that offers the largest variety of certified seafood globally.
Nicolas Guichoux, Global Commercial Director, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) said:

“IKEA is demonstrating global leadership in sustainability. By sourcing and selling only certified sustainable seafood, IKEA is powerfully inspiring consumer choices and influencing sustainable business practices around the world. IKEA's significant commitment is already helping to ensure oceans teeming with life, and secure seafood supplies, for future generations.”

The IKEA commitment to ASC and MSC certified seafood marks the next step in the company’s campaign to offer healthier and more sustainable food offerings on a global scale through a wide offering of delicious, healthy food that is sustainably sourced, and available at affordable prices.

The first step in the campaign was announced through the launch of veggie balls and chicken meatballs in April 2015, which has been followed by a raft of other additions including:
• A balanced meal norm has been developed to ensure that IKEA food products and dishes are developed with nutritional values in mind.
• Nutritional information is shown on the menu boards in all restaurants, including calories, allergens and certifications logos (ASC, MSC, UTZ for coffee and tea)
• Frozen Yoghurt – with less calories and fat than traditional soft ice
• Nordic Fruit Water – half as much sugar as a traditional soft drink

Michael La Cour, Managing Director of IKEA Food Services AB said:

“We are constantly working on building a highly sustainable supply chain and the MSC and ASC certification programs are the next step in this. We want our customers and co-workers to feel confident in the sourcing of their food and to encourage them to make sustainable and healthy choices themselves.”

Seafood has a long tradition in Swedish kitchens and it is specifically enjoyed during Christmas, Easter and Midsummer celebrations. Being part of Swedish heritage, it is sold and served every day at IKEA around the world. 13% of IKEA Food’s annual turnover globally is derived from their seafood sales. 
The MSC and ASC certification programs are globally recognised as the world’s most credible, science-based standards for sustainable and responsible seafood.