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Child safety

For the love of playing it safe

At IKEA, the safety of our customers is always number one, not least when it comes to the most important people on the planet – children! In our view, the best starting point when designing products that are, and feel, safe, is to find out as much as possible about how they will be used in the real world. Therefore, we aim to have a world-class level of knowledge on children, their development and needs.  And of course all our children products have been tested and tested again to make sure they are 100% safe.

Behind the scenes: Child safety at IKEA (.PDF)
Behind the scenes: Children’s IKEA (.PDF)

Image of one of the SAGOSKATT soft toys that are the result of the yearly IKEA soft toy drawing competition.

SAGOSKATT – safe and soft

Many years ago, we removed the plastic eyes on all our soft toys and replaced them with embroidered ones, in one go making the toys safer and more characteristic. SAGOSKATT soft toys are the cuddly proof of toys with character. They are a result of the yearly IKEA soft toy drawing competition, that this time had over 70,000 entries from children across the globe. Ten of the contributions were turned into real soft toys. A beaky ninja, a happy rainbow cloud, a unicorn dog and a sharp-toothed spider are among the never before seen, fantastic creatures.

“We put children’s safety first and we only sell products that we would give to our own children. For that reason, we put very high demands on our children’s range. As far as possible we want to simulate real use in our testing. For example, we test our soft toys with sweat and saliva enzymes to simulate a child that chews on their soft toy and sleeps close to it every night. In this way, we get confirmation that our soft toys are free from harmful chemicals and healthy to use by our youngest customers.” 

Charlotte Jönsson, Team Manager of the Laws and Standards Chemistry Team, IKEA of Sweden

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