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Balcony ideas

We believe the balcony is the unsung hero of the great outdoors. This little slice of outside space is all yours – and it’s brimming with potential just waiting to be released. From adding colour and texture to your balcony with textiles and decorations to making space for some seating, our ideas will help inspire you to show this underappreciated spot some love.

Close-up of a balcony with grey BONDHOLMEN outdoor furniture.

A space to unwind

Turn your balcony into a calming haven, where you can sit peacefully amongst the perfect outdoor space.

A close up of a balcony with wooden seating and storage.

The perfect spring balcony

Use furniture and accessories to create a spot where you can enjoy the sunshine this spring.

A balcony with outdoor furniture for lounging and dining.

A small but versatile balcony

Make the most of your balcony with these outdoor furniture ideas.

A woman and cat sitting at a table on a white balcony with lots of pot plants.

Space-saving balcony ideas

Tips and tricks to make your balcony space work harder.

Balcony accessories

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy breakfast with a view, or a place to kick back and relax after a long day, it’s easy to put your own personal stamp on it. A small balcony table and chairs could form a cosy outdoor dining area, while the right lighting will help you create the perfect atmosphere. We even have some nifty tips on how to use balconies for extra storage, which could help free up more room indoors.