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Growing plants made easy

Want to embrace green living but don’t know where to start? Find some easy plant care tips for your urban jungle at home. Then add to your plant gang with our Plant catalog, a guide for the plant novice to the green fingered. 

Plant care | Seasonal plants | Plant catalogue 

A wooden repotting desk has multiple plants including an aleo vera in wicker pots.
Several small plants sit on wooden shelves in ceramic pots. Included is the citrus plant a small tree with lemons
A large Bird of paradise sits in a bright window
A plant stand with various plants in gold pots
Large collection of plants including a Monstera and plam in a bright living room. A coffee table and more plants can be seen

Plant Catalogue 

Find your new green friend in our plant catalogue. Dive in and discover how to make them thrive in your home. 

Growing food at home

Presenting: the magic of life. Simply take seeds from your fruits and vegetables, plant them in soil and watch them grow. With just water and light (and a bit of fertiliser for a little boost) – you can grow your own organic produce all year round – and save money at the same time.

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A child’s hands planting seeds in a BITTERGURKA plant pot, a PROPPMÄTT chopping board with cut paprika, a watering can.
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This seasons most trendy plants

Perfect for the home or office, we've picked this seasons top plants. From old favourites that anyone can recognise to some new faces that you've maybe not heard of.

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An Aloe Vera sits on a wooden floor in a pot.
A rubber plant sits next to a glass jar with a cork lid
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