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Bright, crisp and so inviting in a living room to create many memories

See how a small living room, thanks to the right storage solutions, still feels airy and inviting. HOLMSUND corner sofa-bed offers hidden storage and room for your overnight guests.

HOLMSUND light blue corner sofa-bed in a living room setting, with a rattan chair, white coffee tables and a large window.
HOLMSUND light blue corner sofa-bed in a living room setting, with a rattan chair, white coffee tables and a large window.

Combine shelves and cabinets

Cabinets and shelves with clean, simple lines make it easy to combine them with different styles. Personalise them by using the tops as display surfaces. What would you like to show off on your cabinets and shelves?

IKEA HAVSTA white cabinet, with plinth, beside open storage, with plants, pots, pictures, baskets and decorative accessories.

    Wing chair and tray table for relaxation

    Enjoy a cup of tea and read your favourite magazine in a comfy wing chair. MARYD tray table has a removable tray for serving, and the wide edge and high sides prevent spills. Just fold the table and put it away when you need more floor space in your living room.

    An IKEA STRANDMON dark grey wing chair in the corner of a living space, with a rattan coffee table and tray.

      Shelves that give you choice

      Prefer a smooth or bevelled edge on the shelf? BERGSHULT shelf has both, choose the side that suits your style the most. Mount several shelves next to each other to create a sleek, elongated bookshelf (you can cut the shelves to the exact length you want!).

      IKEA RAMSHULT white brackets, with BERGSHULT white wall shelves mounted next to each other for an elongated storage solution.

        Sofa-bed for comfortable sitting and sleeping

        Transform your comfortable sofa into a bed – HOLMSUND corner sofa-bed is the perfect solution when you have overnight guests. No need to worry about storing extra bed linens and pillows, there’s plenty of room under the chaise longue.

        Opened IKEA HOLMSUND corner sofa-bed, in Orrsta light blue, with storage space under the chaise longue for bedding.

          Make your room into what you want

          A living room at day and a bedroom at night, in 3 simple steps! The corner sofa turns into a bed, the nest of tables turns into a bedside table, and the floor lamp turns into a reading lamp. You can get a good night’s sleep with the help of room-darkening curtains that prevent most light from entering, and you can combine with curtains that lower the general light (and give you some privacy) during the day for a cosy atmosphere.

          An IKEA HOLMSUND sofa-bed set up as a bed with pillows and covers, near a nest of HAVSTA white tables.