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A living room with a designer's touch

Take a tour around this living room turned little museum. It has all the collector’s essentials: pedestals, pictures, storage and a leather sofa that will last a lifetime. There’s a place to display anything and everything here.

IKEA LANDSKRONA gold brown leather sofa long chaise closeup.

If you love the classics, a leather never goes out of style. The sofa comes with a matching pouffe that can be used as a seat, legrest or even an extra chaise.

Closeup of IKEA BESTÅ smooth dark grey storage units.

Closed storage lets you display the things you love and hide the things you don’t want others to see. Like grandma’s vases. Or your friend’s gift that didn’t scream “you” at all...

Closeup of black IKEA SAMMANHANG black display stand with square and round pedestal trays holding figurines and items.

Make a museum that’s meant for you. Arranging items at different heights creates interest. You can rotate pieces too, so you will have something new to look at.

IKEA STOCKHOLM mirror comes in a modern walnut veneer frame that has a ledge deep enough to be used as a shelf. Put your small perfume bottle there!

Every art enthusiast has a gallery. Use a straight line as a reference to hang pictures. Choosing the same coloured frames kept the collection coordinated.